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Tour De France 2024

Witness history in Galibier


1 - 6 July 2024

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6 Days / 5 Nights

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Your Journey

Experience the thrill of riding part of a "Tour de France" stage just hours before the peloton.
Le  Col du Galibier, first Alpine climb featured in a Tour de France (1911) , holds a special place in  Tour de France's  history. In 2024, it will be the highest summit  ( 2,642 m )  
 A few hours before the peloton you will ride on the very  same route   as the Pros  . As you climb, you'll feel like wearing “ Le Maillot Jaune” as spectators and other riders will cheer you up: simply Memorable ! 
After your ride, collect goodies from the advertising caravan,  perfect pass-time  before savouring the pros in full effort mode.  

During your journey you will conquer some of Tour de France’ most  mythical  climbs :   Alpe d’Huez,   Col du Lautaret, Col du Galibier,   along with some  forgotten ones : col de Sarenne, Col d’Ornon.   

Journey Highlights

  • Climb Col du Galibier a few hours before the Peloton
  • Live a Tour de France stage as closest to the action as possible 
  • Conquer some of Tour de France monuments : Alpe d'Huez, Col du Lautaret, Col de la Croix de Fer, Col de Sarenne, Col d'Ornon
  • Climb Alpe d'Huez twice 
  • Ride a total of 311 Km & 9,180 m of vertical elevation
  • Descent some of the longest downhill’s you may experience
  • Immerse into pristine Alpine' nature & try to spot a groundhog !
  • Enjoy exceptional hospitality and camaraderie atmosphere
    Sharpen your bike handling skills with our daily Bike Clinic 
  • Focus on cycling, we’ll look after the rest !

Day 1: Loop around Huez - the Alps welcome you

Your journey begins with a warm welcome at Grenoble TGV station, followed by check-in at your hotel.This first ride will enable you to adjust to your bike, the road conditions and to connect with your fellow riders. Shortly you will tackle your first "Col" : Sarenne. It is considered as a "forgotten col". It has only been featured once in Tour de France (2013), this side of Sarenne is short but with a decent gradient (3km at 7,8 %). Once at the top (1,999 m), try to spot which summit you will conquer over the coming days.

Daily Mileage: 18 km / 465 m  

Day 2 : Huez - Col du Galibier Tour de France stage (ride & watch)

As a warm up, we will tackle Col de Sarenne (3km at 7,8 %), before hitting one of the most technical descent you'll ever experienced. Upon finishing, you will be rewarded with a stunning panorama : Lac du Chambon. Then, the serious stuff will begin ! First, we will climb, Col du Lautaret (CAT 1, 25 km at 4 %), then the mighty Col du Galibier (Hors Catégorie, 8,6 Km at 6,8 %). It will be tough, but you will feel you are wearing wings as many spectators & fellow riders will cheer up. After a few pictures atop, we will descent back to our favorite Alpine farmhouse restaurant. The traditional Alpine lunch served will definitely erase the pain felt in the Galibier. It will also help in waiting for the Tour advertising caravan and of course the Pros. Challenge of the day :  to spot “Le maillot Jaune” & "polka dots" jersey to take the perfect picture. Once the "Grupetto" has passed, we will embark on a 25 km non-stop downhill. You will be invited for a transfer back to the hotel. Despite the tough day on the saddle, some may wish to carry on to climb l'Alpe d'Huez to reach the hotel & the recovery massage.

Daily Mileage: 82 km / Elev + 2,208 m

Day 3 : Huez - Col d'Ornon Return

After yesterday's amazing show, we ride on quieter roads. We will tackle a forgotten climb of Tour de France : Col d'Ornon. This CAT 2 (10,5 km at 6,2 %) has been featured only 8 times since 1966 (last TDF in 2017). We will share a typical Alpine lunch on the summit, before tackling today's pièce de résistance : Alpe d'Huez. Since 1952, this iconic climb was featured in over 30 Tour de France stages (last in 2022). The 21 legendary bends, each with its own story, have played a pivotal role in Tour de France history. Each bend bears the name of Alpe d'Huez winner. Climbing Alpe d'Huez (Hors Catégorie, 14 km at 8%) brings you closer to the sport's essence. It also makes you realise the unbelievable strength it takes to be a Tour de France's pro. Small tip : to ease the pain while climbing try to remember on which bend N° you are currently riding.

Daily Mileage: 56 km / Elev + 1,780 m

Day 4 : Huez – down – Freney Oisan- col de Sarenne Huez

By now, you have significantly improved your downhill skills. As a warm-up, we'll descend part of Alpe d'Huez before taking a scenic road overlooking the Oisans valley. We will then tackle Col de Sarenne 12 Km at 6.7 %). Despite the Tour de France passage in 2013, it is still considered as a forgotten col. One of the toughest Alpine col (Alt :1,999 m, first and last Kms at over 11 %), it is also one of the most beautiful and quiet pastoral road in the area.

Daily Mileage: 49 km / Elev +1,728 m

Day 5: Alpe d'Huez - Col de la Croix de Fer - Lac de Verney - Monumental Challenge

Be ready for another "Hors-Catégorie" monument, with the ascent of Col de la Croix de Fer. First featured in 1947 Tour de France, it is standing at 2,067 m. This col can be deceiving (24 km at 5,2 %), as it is famous for its portion of irregular slopes (contains a portion of 5 km of descent followed by 5 km climb at 11 %). Some Pros in the peloton call it the "leg breaker". To ease the pain while climbing, think of the Pic-Nic that awaits you at the summit and of the 20 km of downhill that follows. Bonus of the day : upon descending, a slight detour and a few additional hundred meters will allow you to add Col du Glandon to your Strava stats !

Daily Mileage: 78 km / Elev + 2,097 m

Day 6: Alpe d'Huez Climb Round N° 2 - You can genuinely enter the Legend

After a quick espresso at the hotel, we will warm-up, with your last descend of Alpe d'Huez. We will then, ride again on this quiet, scenic road overlooking the Oisans valley. This is the perfect spot for a sunrise picture opportunity. After the very last downhill of your journey, it will be time for you to tackle for the very last time l'Alpe . Despite this demanding week, it will be perfect for you to assess your progress. By then you will know every bend, "rest" & demanding sections. Perfect opportunity to improve your last Strava effort. You may aim for the KOM (36:08 Sepp Kuss). Realistically, we would advise you to aim for 1:15:00/1:30:00 After this refreshing leg spin, we will all enjoy a proper "Au Revoir" breakfast before driving you back to Grenoble TGV station.

Daily Mileage: 49 km /Elev + 1,759 m

Bring your bike, single & group bookings

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  • Couple/friend sharing discount € 100  / 3 Days Journey : €50
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July 2024

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Hotel Les Grandes Rousses

Located in the heart of Alpe d'Huez, this magnificent hotel will be our base for your whole BéloVélo's journey. This magnificient establishment has been recently refurbished. Its history is based on the meeting between a family and its region.

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Traveling to france, to your journey’ start

Flying to France: To minimize the risk of delays, recover from jet lag, we do advise you to land in Paris (CDG),  Lyon or Geneva on Saturday.
From Paris you will then board a TGV (high speed train) on Sunday morning. Alternatively, we may arrange an airport transfer from Lyon or Geneva (additional cost may apply).


We will welcome you at Grenoble TGV station (or Lyon/ Geneva airport) on Sunday at 12:00 pm.
At the end of your journey, on Friday, we will drive you back to Grenoble TGV station, to be able to board your return TGV from 2:00 pm onwards. Plane tickets : upon booking with us, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate flights time.


We wish to make your journey as memorable and diverse as possible. We have handpicked a superb collection of quality, local and authentic restaurants. All selected restaurants propose a genuine cuisine using local & seasonal products. Contrary to other Tour operators, ALL meals are included, with matching wines and mineral water. Although Tour de France journeys do not include a Michelin * dinner, we will host a gala dinner on Thursday evening. All hotels and restaurants cater to specific dietary needs; do not hesitate to inform us in advance. 


We have selected some of the best bikes currently on the market.We have selected the best machines based on the terrain. For each journey corresponds a specific bike selection. Selected bikes are similar to "Tour de France peloton" machines, you may also wish to upgrade to a superior bike category  upgrade your bike. You may also bring in your personal bike, and enjoy a discount. After your ride, we will clean and maintain your bike . (same applies to your "bike" apparels).


Each day, your road captain will open the road, lead you through charming villages, traffic-less country roads, advise on how to tackle the next climb and all the while, ensure your safety and comfort. As experienced cyclists, we know that it is always reassuring to feel a presence along the way. This is why a support vehicle will follow you in case of a puncture or if you need beverages, snacks, an extra layer or even wish to rest for a while.


On most of the days, several mileage and speed average options will be available to suit all fitness levels. To provide a genuine, safe and personalized experience the group size will be limited to 15 guests per week. Come back home with many peloton, safety & mechanic tips thanks to our daily Bike Clinic


All year long, Road Captains do work very hard to make your BéloVélo journey as memorable and authentic as possible. At the end of your journey, You may recognise such dedication by tipping your Road Captains based on your level of enjoyment we advise tipping 6 to 10 % of your Journey price. Tips are shared equally within the team