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Cancellation Policy

 While nobody wishes to cancel or change one’s vacation plans, we understand that things happen in life and sometimes one does not have a choice.
In such unfortunate circumstances, we want to make this process as simple as possible…as such we will give you the option of either a refund or a future trip credit please contact 


Days Prior to journey

91 days or more

90 to 61days

60 to 31 days

30 days to 0


  Full refund

75 % of journey price

50% of journey price

0% of  journey price

Future Journey Credit

 100 % deposit

90 % of journey  price

65 % of journey price

10 % of  journey  price


  1. BéloVélo cannot be held responsible for any personal expenses incurred due to changes or cancellations in itineraries.
  2. Cancellation will be recorded once received via email, your refund or Future journey credit will be processed within 7 maximum of receiving your claim.
  3. BéloVélo retains the right to cancel, reschedule, or modify the journey due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond BéloVélo’s control, including but not limited to : acts of God, war, terrorism or threats of terrorist activities, incidents of violence, quarantine or threats of public health issues, strikes, government restrictions, fire or severe weather conditions.
  4. If BéloVélo cancels a journey for such reason, guests will have a choice to reschedule the journey or receive a BéloVélo Future Journey Credit.